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What features are new in ecobee3?

What features are new in ecobee3?

ecobee3 has several new features available. Below is a list of top features added to ecobee3

  • Wireless Remote Sensors (operating on 915MHz)
  • Auto-wire detection after installation
  • Automatically determines type of equipment for quick initial setup
  • Auto-jumpers Rc and Rh
  • Separate O/B terminal to allow an additional stage of auxiliary heat – supports 4H/2C in heat pump configuration
  • Solid state relays – build to last
  • Accessory terminals – support for ventilator, ERV, HRV, Humidifier, Dehumidifier
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • 3.5” QVGA display
  • Thermostat motion sensor (Passive IR sensor)
  • Thermostat proximity sensor
  • Power Extender Kit with pre-wired equipment side wires for 4 to 5 wire conversion included in the box
  • New terminal blocks, wire labels, level, small and large trim plate for quick and easy installation
  • Guided setup after installation
  • Redesigned mobile app and web portal
  • Mobile app adds new features such as – Registration through mobile app, add thermostats through mobile app, group management; setup schedule, comfort setting through mobile app


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