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How does ecobee3 compare to Nest and other competitors?

How does ecobee3 compare to Nest and other competitors?

First, ecobee3 solves the fundamental design flaw in every other thermostat on the market. Thermostats tend to be located in the hallway, but are supposed to deliver comfort throughout your home. The ecobee wireless remote sensors measure temperature and occupancy in the rooms that you use, so you are comfortable in the rooms that matter most. ecobee3 is hard-wired for reliability, which means you never have to worry about the battery running or “power stealing”. Instead of monitoring your behavior, ecobee3 learns the hard stuff like how your home heats and cools (and is impacted by weather), and the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, to make smarter heating and cooling decisions, keeping you comfortable and helping you save more.

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